Gray Smoke From Exhaust

For those who have high mobility and relies heavily on private automobiles, would not only be able and capable than the wheel chair. Know the vehicle that became the most dependable sidekick also requires attention not less.
Unfortunately, sometimes due to the high level of activity and energy draining activities throughout the week, it's hard to find spare time to give more attention to this one friend. Until symptoms appear malfunction of vehicle components, then we realized the lack of attention in terms of vehicle maintenance.
No need to panic, as long as you can immediately identify malfunctions what happened to kendaraan.Nah, general conditions common malfunctions are:
* Smoke
* Disturbance and needle indicator lights
* Noda, leakage, excessive fluid
* Tires
* Lighting system
* Body and paint
* Wiper Problems
Sometimes the disorder is actually trivial, simply because ketida mengertian, problem-maslaah panikk rider can make, and generally struck a woman rider.
Malfunctioning machines cause smoke when the vehicle we operate, could be:
* Excess Smoke From Exhaust
* Gray Smoke From Exhaust
* White Smoke and Air Out Of Exhaust
* Black Smoke From Exhaust
* The smoke from the engine hood
* White smoke accompanied by the smell of burning rubber
* Smoke Of Wheels
Excess Smoke From Exhaust
You can see the oil is below the level of oil change, and unprecedented. Oil Well that also burned in the engine combustion process that is the emergence of excessive smoke. These conditions will make the vehicle does not have the power runway as usual. If allowed to go on, then for the long term will bother you. What enables this to occur are:
1. PCV system is not functioning properly.
2. Machine is broken in several places.
3. Seal katuk worn.
4. Engine piston ring worn out.
Gray Smoke From Exhaust
The emergence of gray smoke when the vehicle distater, and sometimes these spaces exist after the machine finished masah heated though tidka too real. You pelu observe whether the excess smoke in this condition was gradually getting worse because it indicates the level of damage.
Possible Cause:
1. Worn piston rings.
2. Valve which began worn worn valve guides.
3. Damaged or defective valve worn valve guides. [ERF / eng]
White Smoke and Air Out Of Exhaust
You can tell from the number of smoke coming out from the exhaust accompanied by water which continues even though the car has been heated long enough. Like other excess smoke, this will be a serious problem if left there for the long term.
Possible Cause:
1. The presence of fluid (oil) into the manifold transmission.
2. Gaskets from cylinder engine replaced it's time
3. Engine cylinder head covered with something, or even experience
4. The existence of cracks in engine blocks.
Black Smoke From Exhaust
If smoke comes out of your vehicle exhaust is black and quite thick, certainly not you just could see it clearly, but also other road users who would "disturbed". The more severe the problem of your machine, then automatically this smoke will be more black and thick.
Possible Cause:
1. If the vehicle still uses carburetors, could be a choke
carburetor is closed.
2. The existence of leaks in the fuel injection system.
3. Blockage of water filters.
4. Interference to ignition engine.
Smoke From Engine Hood
If this happens, usually make the driver panicked, especially if it was during the super street jam. Not the panic that you need, but attention! Mean machine that has troubled you pay attention for a long time.
Possible Cause:
1. If the smell of smoke arising from oil, there is
engine oil leak.
2. If white smoke arising from the color, could be the
radiator leak
3. If black or blue smoke flavor accompanied
sting, that's a sign of electrical disturbance and
note whether there is a burning cable. [ERF / eng]
Accompanied White Smoke Burned Rubber Odor
This includes one of the fastest disturbance smoke panicked motorists. And rightly you panic, but still, you need to identify possible causes. If you are in the middle of the highway, tepikan vehicles that do not immediately place meinbulkan congestion for other road users. Turn off the engine immediately and locate the origin of the odor like burning rubber. If you find there is a burning, of course you should take to extinguish the new fire emergency to find out the cause of the fire. The complexity, the engine can suddenly vehicle on fire without any previous signs.
Possible Cause:
1. Fan belt is loose and interfere with the function of the machine
2. Engine overheating
3. The existence of a short circuit in the electrical system of vehicle
4. Damage to the machine that has a fan belt.
Smoke Of Wheels
You can only see the smoke that appears when you have kendarran kemudiakan in the stop position. When the vehicle is running, it may be difficult to distinguish asapa with smoke emerging from the wheel. Do not think that the emergence of smoke from the wheels of a sudden this happened. In fact already there is damage you do not know, and over time become semkain severe.
Possible Cause:
1. Disc brake caliper from highly corrupted
2. Hand brake is still in a state of active (not removed when
driven vehicles).
3. The presence of damage to the brake drum.
4. Rotor brake overheat.

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